Polyurea – durable coatings for industry and construction

Kotek started polyurea coatings in August 2016. Polyurea is a durable coating for industry and construction. Polyurea coating is used for waterproofing, corrosion protection and improving wear resistance.

Leakproof and seamless

Polyurea - renovation for roofs: a coating suitable for tin, bitumen and clay tile roofs halves the cost of roof repair and results in a waterproof and seamless coating.

Polyurea coating is also suitable for waterproofing plinths, yard covers and fairways. The coating can also be used to treat industrial sites as a watertight and seamless assembly.

Polyurea coating provides long-term protection against corrosion, shock, abrasion and premature wear. Its functional endurance expectancy is at least 25 years.

Dries in under 10 seconds

Polyurea coating dries quickly and is contact dry within 10 seconds. The coating will withstand rain and walking upon one minute after spraying. Fast drying allows you to treat large areas during the day – up to over 1000 square meters per day.