Polyurethane surface treatment

Kotek began its polyurethane surface treatments in August 2016. Polyurethane is a durable surface treatment option suitable for building and manufacturing. Polyurethane surface treatments are used for waterproofing, corrosion protection and improved protection from wearing.

Water proof and seamless

Some use cases for polyurethane are industrial containers and tanks. The benefits include the easy spray application which achieves a seamless, durable and chemical resistant surface.

Polyurethane is also great for renovating roofing; Suitable for sheet metal, felt and minerite roofs halves the cost of roof renovations, resulting in a waterproof and leak proof  cover.

A polyurethane surface treatment is also an overwhelmingly good solution for plinth-, deck and pathway waterproofing. The surface treatment can also be used to treat industrial products, giving them a seamless waterproof finish.

A polyurethane surface treatment gives long lasting protection against corrosion, impacts, rubbing and premature wearing. Polyurethane’s functional durability is 25 years minimum.

Can dry in 10 seconds

Polyurethane dries quickly; Hardening enough to touch can happen in 10 seconds. The surface treatment can withstand rain and walking after just 10 minutes after spraying. The quick drying process gives the option to treat large surface areas within one day – Even over 1000 square meters in a day.

Polyurethane for parking surfaces

Polyurethane is a modern surface treatment material that offers many benefits for protecting and renovating parking surfaces and decks. The biggest benefits include an excellent chemical and physical resistance, fast drying time and long life span, which makes it a great choice for use in demanding conditions.

First and foremost, the chemical structure of polyurethane makes it very resistant for different kinds of chemicals, oils, grease and other substances that one can find on parking spaces and yards. This property is important as it protects the surface from damage and stains that may weaken the structure or its appearance.

Second, polyurethane dries very quickly, even in just a few seconds, which shortens the usage breaks of the treated surface. This is an especially significant benefit with commercial properties and other areas that usage breaks can cause significant impediments and extra costs in. The fast drying time also enables the possibility to treat the surface in varying weather conditions, giving more flexibility for the time frames of the project.

Kolmanneksi, polyurean mekaaninen kestävyys on erinomainen. Se kestää hyvin hankausta, iskuja ja jatkuvaa liikennettä, mikä on olennaista parkkikansilla ja pihakansilla, jotka altistuvat jatkuvasti mekaaniselle rasitukselle. Lisäksi sen joustavuus mahdollistaa laajenemisen ja supistumisen lämpötilan vaihteluiden myötä ilman, että pinnoite halkeilee tai vaurioituu.

Fourth, the waterproof properties of polyurethane protects structures from water, which is especially important with decks and parking surfaces, where water getting into the structure may cause serious damage. This property also helps prevent damage from corrosion caused by moisture and the degeneration of concrete. This increases the life span of the structure.

Fifth, the aesthetics of polyurethane are easily modifiable in a variety of ways. It is available in many colors and the surface can be tailored according to specifications from the client, whether the goal is a rough anti-slip surface or a smooth shiny finish.

In conclusion, one can say that the properties offered by polyurethane, such as chemical and physical durability, fast drying time, mechanical durability, waterproof properties and modifiable aesthetics make it an excellent choice for protecting and renovating decks and parking surfaces. It offers long lasting protection and lessens the need for maintenance, which makes it a cost efficient solution for a wide variety of subjects.


Polyurethane can be used for a wide variety of subjects such as roofing, industrial equipment and  different kinds of truck pallet surfaces.

Polyurethane is suitable for metal sheet, felt and minerite roofs and can halve the costs of roof renovations.
Minerite roofs treated with polyurethane are a long lasting and durable solution.
Polyurethane is a great choice for a reliable surface treatment for containers in industrial facilities.

Concrete surface treatment

Reliable products

For concrete surface treatments we use the domestic products of Tikkurila and Teknos. For the most demanding concrete surfaces we also offer our imported and reliable Chesterton surface treatment substances. Other important brands include brands such as Sika and Basf.

Quick and high quality foundation work

We offer only the best suitable high quality products for our jobs and include all tasks all the way from foundation work to after job cleaning in our work.

Cleaning concrete floors with shot blasting and grinding them are an effective method of preparing and renovating the concrete surface for treatments. This improves the durability, appearance and safety of the floor. These processes are an integral part of a variety of instances such as industrial floors, warehouses, parking halls and public spaces, where the floors have to withstand a lot of wear and offer good grip.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is a process where small steel or metal pellets are shot at high speeds at a concrete surface to remove impurities, paint, finishes or other substances. This method is especially useful in evening out an uneven surface, removing old finishes and opening up the pores of the concrete. This improves the grip of new surface treatments. Shot blasting can also reveal any structural flaws in the concrete, such as cracks and bubbles, whose repairs before the application of a new surface treatment can guarantee a longer lasting and better finish.


The grinding of concrete surfaces is a process that is done with specialized tools, such as diamond grinding discs, to achieve even smooth even surfaces. The grinding removes small uneven bits, evens out the seams and prepares the surface for the application of substances such as epoxy or urethane sprays. It can also remove tough dirt, oil and other substances that may weaken the grip of the surface treatment. Grinding also improves the aesthetics of the floor and can increase its anti-slip properties by choosing the appropriate roughness.

In conclusion

Shot blasting and grinding are a critical step in the renovations of concrete floors and preparing them for new surface treatments. Both methods significantly improve the durability, safety and appearance of the floors. Shot blasting is an excellent choice for heavy impurities and the removal of old finishes, where grinding offers a precise and smooth finish that is ideal for applying new surface treatments. Completing both steps in a proper manner ensures that the surface treatment lasts longer and makes them a cost efficient choice for a variety of instances.


Shot blasting


High quality concrete surface treatments for demanding conditions.


The surface treatment of the floor can also be colorful.


Metal surface treatment

Industrial painting and corrosion prevention for metal surfaces

Kotek Factory Service Oy is Finland’s leading company specialized in industrial surface treatments. We offer a variety of different kinds of surface treatments with iron firm expertise. Metal is a material that always needs a surface treatment, as it’s susceptible to corrosion. Corrosion is caused by water, oxygen, sunlight and different kinds of substances in the earth. However, corrosion can be prevented with special methods that our professionals are well equipped to handle. As a result of the surface treatment, moisture is unable to permeate under the metal surface, thus preventing corrosion. It is a good idea to opt for surface treatments due to it increasing the life span of products and increasing their resistance to outside factors.

Corrosion prevention finishing consists of multiple layers, each of which has a different make composition. Even the hardest surface can wear down in just decades depending on the use case, sometimes faster, and for this reason we also re-treat surfaces.

Paints and treatments for metal surfaces

In our work we use the high quality paints and finishes of Teknos, Tikkurila and Chesterton. Industrial painting covers a wide variety of different subjects. Because of this, our repertoire of work includes surface treating everything from containers and tanks to towing equipment, pipe bridges and harbor cranes

Professional equipment for jobs from foundation work to surface treatments

We do steel painting contract work from foundation work to fully finished treatments. We have a sand blaster, crane- and spraying equipment plus a professional team of painters ready to work even on the most demanding steel structure paint jobs.

We offer surface treatments according to your needs! Be it idustrial painting or anti corrosion treatments, our expertise and professionalism with metal surface treatments are top notch. Our base of operations is in Kokkola, but we work in the entirety of Finland. Please contact us, and we will gladly give you an offer or answer any questions you may have.


Harbor crane in Kokkola being treated by Kotek.


Paint shop services


Paint shop services


Surface treatment of a flue gas washer

ARC-composite surface treatments

We handle the application of ARC-surface treatments with a turnkey principle. Polymer composites have been developed to protect surfaces from rubbing, corrosion, erosion and chemical stress.


We have treated many industrial thickeners with ARC products


Wearing parts of a mixer being treated

Paint shop services

Modern and large working space

Our modern hail blower shop is 12 by 9 meters large, and the doorways are over 6m tall. Our paint shop and treatment facilities have a surface area of about 1 500 m2 put together. We use recyclable steel grain and in our paint shop work we use a one and two component high pressure sprayers.

Steel structure painting

We also do contracted steel structure paint work on clients’ own locations. 


The paint shop works well even for treating very large pieces.


Painted pipe bridge steel structures at a client’s location.


Container surface treatments and pump maintenance services

Pump maintenance

Industrial pump maintenance work is done at clients’ locations according to industry standards. Using the latest technology and equipment ensures a perfect end result.

Container maintenance and surface treatments

The maintenance and surface treatments of metal and concrete structures, where we offer the best materials suitable for the conditions.

Inside an industrial tank. Surface treatments are possible even for large containers.


Surface treating a concrete thickener.


Sulphuric acid safety vat ARC CS4

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