Paint services

Raepuhaltamo and Teollisuusmaalaamo are located in the main industrial area of Kokkola and serve customers in various wet painting.
Large, modern workspace
Our modern wastewater treatment plant is 12 × 9 m and the height of the doors exceeds 6 m. We use recyclable steel rail for blasting and one- and two-component high-pressure sprayers for paintwork.
Steel Structure Painting
We also contract steelwork painting for our customers.
The paint shop is also ideal for really large pieces.
The steel structures of a painted bridge at a client’s site.

Kotek Factory Service Oy

PL 213
Outokummuntie 8
67101 Kokkola

Those coming to the KIP area are required to have a pass and pass a safety test
Kulkuluvat Port Tower / Vartiointi
Satamatie 330, 67101 Kokkola

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