Partner up with one of the largest Finnish companies with the most modern equipment for surface treatment. We complete even the most demanding surface treatment tasks from foundation work to completely finished surfaces. We are one of the leading companies for spray based waterproofing in Finland, whether your needs involve tanks, roofs, yard- or parking surfaces, our efficient equipment ensures high quality work from the South- all the way to Northern Finland.



Polyurethane surface treatment


GTF Freen is an innovative solution for ship decks, offering durable and effective surface treatments that have been designed for the demanding conditions of the maritime industry. The main benefits of the surface treatment is its excellent durability, anti-slip properties and the ability to resist even the most extreme weather conditions and chemical substances. GTF Freen surface treatments are also designed to be long lasting, reducing the need for maintenance and offering economic benefits in the long run.

One of the most significant benefits of GTF Free finishes are their high durability and resistance to wear, which makes them ideal for ship decks that are often exposed to extreme weather conditions or mechanical stress. The finishes are designed to withstand heavy traffic, such as large machinery, and to protect the surface from corrosion and damage caused by UV-rays.

In addition, GFT Free surface finishes offer an excellent anti-slip finish, which is a critical safety feature in a marine environment. The surface can be tailored to offer optimal grip in different kinds of conditions, including wet slippery decks, lowering the risk of accidents.

Another important property of the surface treatment is its ability to resist a wide variety of chemical substances, which is an integral feature on ships that ferry chemicals or are otherwise susceptible to the salty sea water. This chemical durability extends the lifespan of the deck surface and reduces required maintenance and re-painting.

GTF Free surface treatments are designed to be environmentally friendly and to reduce the emissions from VOC substances, offering more sustainable solutions for the maritime industry. This not only helps protect the environment, but also supports the owners and operators of the vessels to fulfill the ever stricter environmental standards and policies.

In conclusion, GTF Free surface treatments offer a comprehensive solution that combines durability, safety and environmental responsibility to provide for the demands of the maritime industry. Their innovative composition and design ensure long lasting high quality protection for ship deck surfaces, which makes them a valuable investment for modern sea transport vessels.


Talvivaara thickener surface treatment
Kotek Factory Service and the mining company Talvivaara agreed upon the surface treatment of 13 thickeners during the years 2008 and 2009. The surface treatment job was completed as comprehensive contracting, including both the base and surface treatment job. The schedule for the job was urgent. The selected surface treatment substance was Chesterton ARC 791 that has a strong track record for demanding surface finishes for the industry.
Surface treatment of a harbor crane
The surface treatment for the harbor crane Iitta located at the deep harbor of Kokkola. The job was challenging as the height of the crane was 48 meters. The surface area of the crane is about 2500 square meters. The job was started in the middle of June and lasted about 45 work days depending on the weather. The product used was Inerta Mastic / Teknodur Combi 3430 combination. The vehicle crane is 49m long, so the working conditions were challenging.
The surface treatment of Talvivaara's mixer
The mining company Talvivaara wanted to improve the durability of the mixer on their reactor. The mixers are under very strong chemical stress. In the year 2009 we handled the surface treatment for the first mixer, and due to the positive results, Talvivaara contracted surface treatments for 3 new mixers.

As the surface treatment material we used Chesterton ARC BX 2 and MX1 products. These products are developed for abrasive surfaces.
Sulfuric acid safety vat surface treatment
The surface of the sulfuric acid safety vat's bottom was coated with the FCS 303 surface treatment, and the walls and bottom were coated with over ARC SC 4 surface treatment.
Ferrous sulfate vats
On the municipality side, waste water institutes are making rapid changes for PIX and ferric chloride based precipitation chemicals due to challenges from ferrous sulfates. The problem is the aggressive nature of the substance as its PH level dips below one and the traditional epoxy materials can't handle these conditions. We have researched the compatibility of polyurethane and both the laboratory and in practice results show that it is an excellent surface treatment substance for tanks. We at Kotek Service have worked with dozens of precipitation chemical tanks with great success. Contact us and we can tell you more about the seamless surface treatment process.
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